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Painting or Replacing Kitchen Cabinets – When Do You Know It’s Time?

At New Life Painting in Santa Maria, we have seen many kitchens throughout the Central Coast that are in desperate need of a full kitchen remodel. Full meaning everything. But more often than not, updating the cabinets seems to be the number one request. Whether it’s painting or staining the existing cabinets, or refacing or replacing, homeowners are doing something to freshen up their kitchen cabinetry.

Kitchen Remodels

Image Credit: Gerety Building & Restoration

There is a time though when replacing the cabinets becomes necessary. When cabinetry is literally falling apart and when the drawer boxes and glides are no longer functional, all signs point to replacing the cabinets as soon as possible. But some homes are built with custom cabinets that seem to hold up great through the years, and when it seems time for a face lift, the options of refacing or painting or staining come into play.

It’s one thing to have the appearance of a beautiful kitchen, but it’s all the more important to have a well functioning and structurally sound kitchen. Other homes are built with builder grade cabinets of poor quality and don’t last very long.


Image Credit: Catchlight Painting

If the cabinets don’t have a backing (the drywall is visible from the inside of the cabinet), that is usually a sign that the quality is no good. In that case, replace those cabinets! So to conclude, when you find that your cabinets are no longer serving you well or are a burden to open and close, it is time to replace those old cabinets with new, better quality kitchen cabinets.

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