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Use Paint to Raise a Home’s Real Estate Value

Far too often, homeowners think of painting their home’s interior or exterior as a maintenance project. At best, it’s a chance to bring a much needed makeover to their home. Or, worse, an occasional annoyance that has to be deal with.

But, what homeowners and Real Estate agents need to keep in mind is that a good paint, stain, or even wallpaper job can really lift a home’s real estate value

Now, as stated, this can be done both with interiors and exteriors, and in any number of ways and with a variety of paint techniques and technology. Keep in mind, though, that really bombastic paint colors might not lift the value as well as colors that are agreeable to a wide variety of people, such as whites, grays, cream colors, even Earth tones. The same goes for wallpaper and stains. Prospective buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in that home, not be reminded that it belongs to someone else with very distinctive tastes.

For Real Estate agents, staging is essential. It’s how a home is sold. In prepping a home for a real estate showing, a Real Estate agent can do a lot of things, but one of the best things they can do is make sure the home is painted well. It needs to have an undeniable aesthetic touch that only a paint professional can provide.

At New Life, we’ve helped a number of Central Coast home owners and Real Estate agents increase their property’s real estate value. If you want to talk in detail about how we can help do the same for your home, get in contact with us via phone or email. 

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