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Do I Need to Hire a Painting Contractor with Insurance?

With all the considerations that you need to remember when choosing a painting contractor, one that people might not immediately think of is insurance. After all, how much risk is involved in spreading paint on a wall? Well, you might be surprised. And even if the risk is small, it is much better to be covered, in the event something unexpected takes place.


What Could Happen? What Are the Risks of House Painting?

Paint Spills: A reputable painting contractor will be extremely careful to cover all furniture, floors and fixtures. Even so, unexpected accidents can occur, and in the unlikely event that it does happen, any property damage will be fully covered by the insurance.

Equipment Falling: With ladders and other kinds of lifts and equipment, there is always the remote possibility of falls. If a ladder were to go through a window, or if a paint can were to fall and dent a wood floor, your home is protected and the damage will be covered.

Personal Injury: Professional house painters are very accustomed to working on ladders and in awkward positions. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility of falling. Also, any use of tools or chemicals presents a hazard. Worker’s compensation insurance makes sure that no matter how an accident occurs, the homeowner is protected from liability.

A Fully-Insured Painting Contractor for the Central Coast

New Life Painting is a well-reputed painting contractor serving Santa Ynez,  Nipomo, Arroyo Grande, Foxenwood, San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria. We are very conscientious about carrying full liability and worker’s compensation insurance. When you hire New Life Painting, you can be sure of receiving considerate attention and a tidy, safe work area. 

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