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When Is the Best Time to Paint My San Luis Obispo Home?

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Most people think of exterior painting as a seasonal activity. While it is definitely true that the weather has a profound effect on the ability to paint home exteriors, here in San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria we can paint outside all year round. 

When Is the Best Time to Paint Exteriors on the Central Coast?

We tend to think that the quicker the paint dries, the better, right? So what could be better than mid-summer for painting your home in Nipomo or Santa Ynez? Well, it’s actually not true that faster drying is better. Paint cures best at more moderate temperatures, when it has time to dry at a reasonable rate. This makes spring and fall the ideal times for exterior house painting here in our Central Coast region. 

Can I Paint Outside in Winter in San Luis Obispo?

Most paints are formulated to be applied when the temperature of the surface will stay above 50 degrees throughout the drying time. This is not necessarily a strict limitation, but it is good to consider. But even if we experience a true cold snap, many paint manufacturers produce a low-temp paint variety that can be applied even in near-freezing weather. This means that homes in Santa Maria and Arroyo Grande can have their exteriors painted at any time of the year.

The one real limitation is that we can’t paint in the rain, though. I don’t know of any special paint formulas that have overcome that! Fortunately, here on the Central Coast, that’s not a major concern!

House Painting Contractor for the Central Coast

New Life Painting is a San Luis Obipo painter that provides year-round exterior house painting services.  We have satisfied customers in San Luis Obispo, Nipomo, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez, Arroyo Grande and the surrounding communities. Call us for a free estimate, and find out if we are offering any seasonal discounts!

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