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Painting Tips for HOA Members

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Whether you are an HOA member or a property manager, you know that there are countless directions that could be pursued when it comes to maintaining your property and making sure that its best foot is always forward. The bottom of the checklist is never quite reached before a couple of new items find a home there!

With this in mind, we’ve put together a few ideas to consider to help you prioritize the painting and upgrade schedule for your commercial property.

Worthwhile Property Updates

  • Curb appeal – This is probably the most familiar term associated with real estate, but it holds the title for a reason. As prospective tenants or buyers arrive, it is hugely important that the exterior paint is bright, modern, and inviting.
  • Quality interior paint – While they can look fresh and clean, purely white walls are sterile and don’t elicit a feeling of comfort and “home.” Try a lighter, stylish color that makes the space feel modern, but also is not so bold that it’s a turn-off for someone who doesn’t like that particular look. Warm and neutral is a good direction to take.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens – If you have a limited budget for updates, focus heavily on bathrooms and kitchens. These are the primary selling points of your property, and either can work powerfully for or against you.
  • Think bigger than exterior paint alone – As mentioned, exterior paint is hugely important. But, in addition to paint, wood repairs, general landscaping, and a fresh power washing can go a long way to boost the attractiveness of your space.

Do You Need a Professional Painting Company?

In addition to our residential work, we at New Life Painting also offer commercial and HOA painting services. We have a fully-trained, expert team of commercial painters ready and waiting to help with whatever you need. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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