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Siding Repair in California’s Central Coast


One of the things we do at New Life Painting is siding repair. Thought it’s just one of our exterior services, it’s a very important one, and undertaken quite often. 

Whether a house is new or old, at some point it’s going to need siding repairs. Parts of the Central Coast experience cool and moist winters, and this, in addition to the hot weather in the summer, can damage and otherwise effect siding. And, of course, lawn sprinklers can cause varying degrees of water damage that will require repairs. 

The approach will depend on the siding used. Hardwood siding can warp under both moist and hot conditions. If the siding is wood, we will examine the damage, remove damaged hardwood, apply new siding, and coat it with paint as a protective measure. Vinyl siding repairs will probably also require one or more replacement pieces. It can warp and discolor depending on the weather conditions. Either way, the siding will need to be replaced. 

Other types of siding include horizontal lap siding (which can be made from wood, aluminum, or fiber cement—vinyl is a top of horizontal lap); board and batten; shingles and wood stripe siding; as well as stucco, brick, stone, and metal, amongst others.

Each material demands a different approach, so if you’re looking to have your home exterior siding repaired, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to help you achieve the longest-lasting look for your home exterior.

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