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Patching Stucco on Central Coast Homes

In California’s Central Coast, as in the rest of this fine state, are a number of homes featuring exterior stucco work. With it comes repairs such as patching. As a homeowner, here is what you need to know about the process of patching and otherwise repairing stucco. 

First, patching stucco isn’t exactly an easy DIY project. It’s best to have repairs, whatever their extent, carried out by professional painters deeply familiar with stucco. If you don’t know stucco very well, our advice is that you shouldn’t try to patch it. 

While stucco is a popular exterior option, it can be prone to cracking, blistering, and buckling over time. Moisture, tectonic activity (earthquakes), and other factors may be involved in this cracking and buckling. If left unrepaired, the damage will spread and only become more expensive to repair. Some repairs might be so extensive that patching won’t be an option. 

After paint professionals patch and caulk the stucco, a fresh coat of paint will need to be applied in order to match the original stucco’s color. The paint will also serve as an additional guard against moisture, which, again, causes cracking over time. Various types of coatings can be used, from lime washes to elastomeric, so it’s best to talk to a contractor who can help you decide what’s best for your home exterior. 

Image: Creative Commons

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