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Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Paint Colors

Interior kitchen painting

Not so far in the past, kitchens were seen as a more utilitarian room. Sure, a lot of pride was taken in their cleanliness, the quality of appliances, and maybe most importantly the food that came out of them, but stylistically they were not the high point of a home. Now, however, there has been an interesting and exciting shift toward seeing the kitchen as a real opportunity for creative expression. You can truly make it your own, and in so doing the potential is there for a room is nothing short of awesome. 

What Kitchen Style Is Best for You?

One of the coolest aspects of the renewed focus on the kitchen by interior designers and homeowners alike is that there are nearly limitless combinations of kitchen styles and themes that are “in” right now. This is much better than having just one trendy look spreading itself across the kitchens of America because, well, those very limited trends typically are the ones that fizzle out in no time, leaving you to wonder just what you were thinking? So, as you start to analyze your space, here are a few ideas for choosing your kitchen paint colors and style:

  1. What is your budget? – Determine a realistic figure that will dictate just how much can be changed!
  2. Start with your cabinets – Your color or stain choice for the cabinetry will lead the way, often serving as a good starting point to help you choose the rest of the palette for the room.
  3. Consider your lighting – Is your kitchen naturally bright? If so, you can get away with darker colors that tend to absorb light. If your room is darker, try focusing on lighter and brighter color options.
  4. Do some research and steal ideas – Before you begin, take advantage of resources that showcase kitchen style options. This will help you to put together just the right look!
  5. Semi-gloss vs. satin finish – Semi-gloss paint is durable (great for repeated wiping and scrubbing), and also absorbs and reflects the light in the room. The one downside is that it also shows imperfections in the wall more clearly than a satin finish, which is less flashy and not as durable, but does hide issues in your wall quite well.

Do You Need Professional Painting Help?

If you are stumped when it comes to choosing the best design ideas or would simply like the help of a professional painter, give us a call to discuss your project. We provide professional painting services to San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria and other areas in California’s Central Coast. 


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