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Interior Painting – Painting Brick and Interior Styles

We have already discussed exterior brick and how to paint it, but what about inside your home? Interior brick can be a unique feature! Generally when you think of brick, fireplaces come to mind. This is, in most cases, a positive; maybe magazine-like images are suddenly conjured up, possibly including golden retrievers, turtleneck sweaters, and mugs of hot chocolate.

Maybe that’s going a bit too far.

Or, on the other end of the spectrum, maybe your interior brick is a negative. It might be little more than a dark wall that sticks out in a bad way, or an old fireplace that is no longer useable. So, what do you do to make the best of it? Or, can you maybe go beyond making the best of it and actually transform it into a stylistic element that you can be proud of?

Yes, you definitely can.

Can I Paint My Brick?

Before you start painting, take a moment and ask first if there is a chance that you can strategically paint around it. There are ways to make it either stand out or be played down. For example, if your brick is lighter, maybe more pink than deep red, try using soft colors like creamy white or or pale green on the surrounding walls. If your brick is a bit darker or more yellowed, try painting the room deeper, earthier colors.

Tips for Painting Brick

If you decide to go for it, here are a few tips and strategies to consider:

  • To draw attention to your brick – To help make it a focal point, try painting it to match the trim in your room. This will accentuate its importance to the structure of the space and make it stand out.
  • To minimize your brick – Paint the brick either a shade or two darker OR lighter than the walls surrounding it. This will make it seem to recede into the wall rather than pop out.
  • Try painting your mantel! – As a second way to minimize your fireplace, after painting the brick either a shade or two lighter (or darker) as mentioned before, paint the mantel to match the trim. This again will draw the eye away from the brick and instead help the mantel to tie the room together.

Ask a Professional Painting Service for Help!

Another guaranteed way to make sure you have explored all your stylistic options and will end up with a top-quality result is to talk to a reputable, local painting company. From start to finish, concept to realized result, a professional painter can help!

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