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The Benefits of Cabinet Painting and Refacing


When you think of kitchen remodeling, what comes to mind? Maybe a long process and lots of expense? Or thoughts about the kind of disruption that comes from having such a major room in the home torn apart for an extended period of time.

But what if you basically like the layout of your kitchen, and simply need an update or a fresh look? Is there a better option than a total replacement or renovation?

Cabinet Painting and Refacing

Repainting and refacing is a terrific option for giving your kitchen a new lease on life without the hassle of an in-depth project. Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Less Intrusive – Even during the refacing process, you can still use your kitchen.
  • Less Mess – Unlike when a kitchen is fully gutted during a complete remodel, the cabinet boxes remain on your walls. This allows for a much neater and cleaner process.
  • Less Expensive – This process is using primarily what you already have (even though you may not recognize it after!), allowing for a smaller price tag.
  • Create a Custom Look – Aside from the benefits listed above, cabinet repainting and refacing allows for a lot of control over the style of your kitchen. Whether you want crisp, dark cabinets or the worn look that comes with the rustic country feel, you have total control of your styling.

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Are You Looking for a Professional Painter?

The next step to successfully refacing your cabinets is to research a local, high-quality painting company near you that can complete this kind of project. Getting the input of a professional is not only valuable in the sense of receiving a product you will be happy with, but also for the sake of hearing their ideas and recommendations for your particular space.

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