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Office Furniture and Cabinet Painting

Are you thinking about giving your office a fresh look? How about the waiting area in your business, or a showroom? When it comes down to it, having a cohesive, inviting interior style is hugely important for any commercial environment

As you think about what your next steps might be, keep in mind that updating your interior paint or design does not need to be an overnight, complete transformation. If you need to, you can take it one area at a time, and choose bite-sized projects that bring you from Point A to Point B at your own pace.

An example of this kind of manageable (but effective!) project is to paint cabinets or furniture that you may have already. A worn down, battered table doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced by an expensive new model. Why not take advantage of the popularity of painting furniture and create a piece that exactly meets your financial and aesthetic needs?

How Do You Paint Cabinetry and Furniture?

As a preliminary step, give some careful thought to the interior paint scheme and design that you want to have. You can take it one step at a time, as we said before, but it’s important that the end result all works together!

Once you are sure of the style you are going for, here are a few tips for successfully painting your cabinets or furniture:

  • Remove any hardware
  • Use either a liquid deglosser or a sanding sponge to remove the existing, glossy finish. This will allow the new paint to grip more easily to the surface as well.
  • Apply a couple of coats of primer – If you are painting a new color that is very different than the old, try asking for your primer to be tinted a similar color to what the topcoat will be.
  • Paint! – An oil-based, semi-gloss paint will provide a solid, rugged finish.

Do You Need a Professional, Commercial Painting Service?

Realistically, sometimes a do-it-yourself project is something that your schedule doesn’t allow for. Or, you may be in a place where you would like professional interior painting help and to watch an efficient, quality transformation take place. If so, we hope you might consider contacting us at New Life Painting!

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