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Hotel Interior Design and Painting

When it comes to the design and colors you choose for your hotel, strategy is the name of the game. Deciding early on what kind of style, feel, and message you want to convey is hugely important, and then the next task is determining how to create that emotion in your guests at every turn.

Not to stack up the pressure, but it’s important to remember that almost nothing is neutral.

Every choice made is either working for you or against you, like silent employees that can either be highly effective or work against your ultimate  strategies and goals.

But don’t worry; we can help!

Making Smart Design Choices

Part of the fun of hotels is that they are all a little different. Or, a lot different in some cases! Some represent cultural hotspots, or work to capture a geographical feature of the area. Some follow a certain theme, while others have a bit more of an eclectic feel. The overarching, universal idea, however, is that you want to create an inviting, unique place that will bring guests back again and again. Here are a few other universal ideas you might want to consider:

  • Stay consistent – Whether your hotel design goal is the warm feeling of a rustic lodge or a cool, smooth, modern look, it is important to carry the furniture, design, and color choices throughout the space. 
  • Plan ahead – Take the time to determine exactly how much furniture you will need, and how many decorations to invest in to create the atmosphere you are looking for. This kind of planning will also help to facilitate the aforementioned consistency.
  • Make unique guest spaces – While it can be tempting to consider a room “done” after making sure the essentials are there, why not rethink the “essentials”? Incorporate styles and features that might just take your guest by surprise, and make them feel as though they are unique and not just the next person to use the room. Make it warm, welcoming, and as retreat-like as possible so that it feels like an escape to be there.
  • Celebrate what is local – Can you include the work of local artists? This is a great way to offer exposure for emerging craftsmen, while also showing an investment on your part in the area and what it has to offer.

Do You Need the Help of a Professional Painting Company?

It can be hugely valuable to reach out to a quality painting company near you. We hope you might consider us at New Life Painting! We offer a large variety of commercial services, including interior painting and design consultations. We would love to help in any way we can!

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