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Is It Important to Power Wash Your Home?

When you think of power washing, what comes to mind? Maybe blasting dirt and grime off of machinery, or removing graffiti from an underpass? After all, it definitely has a lot of commercial and industrial purposes, working wonders that a simple garden hose never could.

But what about for your home? Are there any real benefits to power washing your property?

Why Power Wash?

A great way to look at this is to consider washing your car. When it rains, do you think your vehicle is really, truly clean? As nice as it would be if it were, rain in all reality just doesn’t do the same job as you can when you’re armed with a bucket of cleaner on a Saturday afternoon.

In fact, once the gloss of simply being wet is gone, you might find more grime and streaks on your car after it rains than there were before.

Your home is no different! Pollutants, dirt, mold, and pollen, to name just a few, find their way to your siding and hang on. This compromises the health of your exterior paint over time, as well as looks unsightly. A systematic, careful power washing can go a long way to erase these contaminants, leaving your home cleaner and healthier than it has been in a long time.

Could You Use the Help of a Professional Painting Service?

Do you have any other questions about your exterior paint, or maybe are considering a painting project in or around your home? If you live in Los Osos, Pismo Beach, or anywhere on the Central Coast, we hope you will contact us at New Life Painting. We would love to put our variety of services to work for you!

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