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What Will the Popular Interior Colors of 2015 Be?

Have you ever been excited for an interior painting project, filled with motivation, ready to go, and then suddenly, when you step foot in the paint store, you can feel your energy start to deflate? As the automatic doors hiss shut behind you, you find yourself face to face with a million (give or take a couple hundred thousand) little squares of color. They swirl and blend together, leaving you suddenly tired.

Choosing colors should be fun, but it can be overwhelming. After all, for every primary color there is a thousand family members in the form of shades and hues.

One great way to start cutting down on the sheer volume of options is to take a deep breath, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and investigate what the most popular colors of the year are. And, with 2015 now freshly upon us, this is a perfect time to do just that.

interior color trends of 2015

Interior Color Trends

To make your life a little bit easier, we did some digging for you. Take a look below at a couple of this year’s red carpet colors:

  • Grey – According to Sherwin Williams and the Paint Quality Institute, this is going to be one of the most popular colors of 2015. Are you surprised? Don’t let grey conjure up mental images of rainy afternoons and concrete; it’s actually incredibly versatile, offering a wide variety of classy shades. And, as an added bonus, a huge number of supplemental, accent colors can be used right alongside it, ranging from art to throw pillows.
  • Green – Benjamin Moore forecasts that soft, earthy greens are going to be in demand. In particular, they are suggesting their Guilford Green. It’s a peaceful color, and much like grey, it also is very versatile.

The key word here is “versatility,” as you may have noticed. That’s partly because homeowners today are taking more of an active role in their design and decor, and often change/swap furniture and accent pieces. A color scheme that lets your own creativity run wild is an obvious, quality choice.

Can We Help With Your Painting Project?

At New Life Painting, we proudly offer interior and exterior painting services to communities throughout the Central Coast. Whether you like grey, green, or want to go in a different direction entirely, we are here to help!

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