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Choosing Interior Paint for Your Closet – Painting Tips for Central Coast Homeowners!

Closets are incredibly forgettable spaces. Whether you’re highly-organized or a little more haphazard in your storage techniques, you might see your closet as not much more than a small, utilitarian room where those things go that you don’t want in the mainstream. Because of this, it’s possible that you have never given much thought to your closet’s paint, either regarding color or the specific sheen you use.

Interior paint is about so much more than just aesthetic appeal, though. The kind and color you choose for your surfaces can actually boost the functionality of a space, too. And yes, that even applies to closets!

Closet Paint Colors and Sheen

Here is a little food for thought:

  • Using light paint colors – If you are the kind of person who picks the outfit of the day right out of your closet, fumbling through your shirts or ties in the early morning hours, a lighter interior color is a good choice because it increases clarity and visibility.
  • Using darker colors – This is a great option if you would prefer to obscure the items in your closet. In other words, if it is well-used, or in a public space where you don’t want the contents to stand out brightly when the door is open.
  • Matching the surrounding color – Is your closet large, like maybe a walk-in? If so, matching it to your bedroom’s wall color in order to help it simply blend and flow makes a lot of sense.
  • Choose your sheen – Remember, satin or flat sheens may seem attractive because they are very forgiving and cover wall blemishes easily, but they also are quick to show their age. In a space where items are nearly constantly being bumped, moved, and reorganized (especially during spring cleaning!), a tough, higher-gloss paint is a good investment. As an added bonus, it’s more reflective too, maximizing the light in your closet.

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