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How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

Even though we enjoy warmer, more consistent weather than many areas of the country, there is still something about spring in particular that calls for updating your home’s exterior. It’s a time of year that is perfect for rethinking your color schemes, making necessary repairs, and breathing a little new life into your style.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are intimidated by the idea of choosing new exterior paint colors. This is often because of the sense of permanence that goes along with the process; after all, not to increase the pressure, but there is no easy “Undo” button if you don’t like the choices you make.

Don’t worry, though. We believe that exterior painting should be a fun process, and that stress doesn’t need to be part of the equation. It just takes a little planning, research, and finding a professional painter that you trust.

Choosing Exterior Colors that Will Work for Your Home

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Fixed colors – These are the parts of your home that you can’t easily change, like roof color, stone, brick, or other elements that are permanent aspects of your property’s design.
  • Your home’s style – Certain architectural styles call for certain color schemes. If you aren’t sure which category yours fall into, a professional painter can help you with that.
  • Be an idea thief – While we don’t often promote stealing, we do live in a day and age where there are countless fantastic resources for collecting home improvement inspiration. As an example, take a look at this link: exterior paint color ideas.
  • Try an accent door – If you are looking for a unique way to add a pop of extra exterior color, have you considered an accent door? They’re very in style, and can be a lot of fun.

And, of Course, Contact a Professional Painter near You

Every home is a little different, and needs special consideration in order to develop just the right exterior painting plan. If you live in the Central Coast area, why not reach out to us at New Life Painting? It would be our pleasure to help you refresh, re-think, and revitalize your home’s exterior.

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