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Interior Paint Trends for 2015

Trends in interior design, like in any creative field, tend to come and go. Many interior design ideas can be easily incorporated into your home decorating year to year, such as those involving accessories like pillows. But when it comes to trends in paint colors, that can feel a little more permanent. No matter your specific design taste, there are certainly a few painting ideas you can incorporate into your home. Here at New Life Painting, we gathered the top painting trends for 2015 for you to peruse. Check them out to see which ones you want to add to your home this year.

Homeowners have always loved neutral colors for their homes. It allows your house colors to be a backdrop for the home decorating ideas you want to incorporate into other areas of a room. New neutrals have made themselves known this year. In the past, neutrals usually had a yellow undertone, but this year’s neutrals have a better balance of warm and cool tones, making them the true neutrals we all desire. If you want to have more fun with your decorating and need a safe backdrop, try some of these fresher neutrals in your next home painting project.

Monochromatic Tones
In keeping on trend with the idea of new neutrals, consider going monochromatic in your home. Rather than selecting one easy paint color for the whole house, choose your favorite neutral and use it in a different hue in each room of your house. This trend ties together each room, creating an easy flow.

Muted Colors
If you are over neutrals but not quite ready to jump into a bold paint color, muted colors are the painting trend for you. Muted colors are great because they tend to be some of the most realistic choices for many homeowners. If you are craving a little bit of color but want to use your furniture and accessories for the bulk of your colors and patterns, choose a muted color for your interior painting that can compliment your decor.

Whichever trend gets you excited this year, New Life Painting can help guide you in choosing the best paint colors for your home.

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