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2019 Paint Colors of the Year

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2019 is a time of introspection; of determining what’s important to you and creating a space that is meaningful. This isn’t the year to let trends dictate your decorating decisions. It’s the year to let you become more one with the way you decorate. It’s also a time of bringing nature to you, and the paint colors of 2019 reflect these thoughtful times.

2019 Pantone Color of the Year



First things first, take a look at the 2019 Pantone color of the year, Living Coral, or Pantone 16-1546. This warm orange color with a golden undertone connects us vibrantly to coral and nature. It’s optimistic and energizing. The animated color is great for accents in furniture, but can also work well on the walls.

Cool Gray



Subdued and sophisticated, cool grays inspire contemplation. The color brings a soothing feel to a room, aiding in peace. In fact, Benjamin Moore even chose a soothing gray for its color of the year, Metropoligan AF-690.

Dark Greens



Nature comes out in full force with deep and dark greens. Bringing the beauty and healing nature of the outdoors to your interior is another way to connect with nature through design this year. This tends to work best as an accent wall in a bedroom or dining area that is well lit. Combine dark green with gold-hued accents for a luxurious feel.

Colors That Support Minimalism

The minimalist movement is sweeping clutter from our lives, lending to more thoughtful and focused interiors. As a result, colors that support a clutter-free lifestyle are going to be big in 2019. Off-creams, beiges, and whites are popular, and cream shades with bold undertones add richer elements to a room.

“Almost white” is another color that supports the minimalist decorating approach. As opposed to pure white, almost white adds subtle nuances that adapt to the surrounding colors found in the furniture, lighting, and other elements of the room.




All blues are on the table (er… wall), but consider warmer tones like Behr’s Blueprint, their 2019 Color of the Year. Or try the misty Seattle Haze from Valspar that brings in a calming and nature-inspired gray undertone.

Bright Colors



Valspar experts predict 2019 will be a year when more extreme colors get a chance to shine. It’s a time of change, and vibrant colors reflect that desire to take life by the horns and make the changes you’ve always wanted to make. Citrus orange, lime green, bright yellow — they’re all ready for the taking. Jewel-toned accents are also acceptable in 2019. Doses of color are brightening kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and more.




Creamy rust brings the colors of the desert into your home, bringing you in touch with nature in a new way. Sherwin Williams chose Cavern Clay as their 2019 Color of the Year which manages to bring the open feel of the American Southwest to your home, while providing a steady sense of grounding. it also recalls mid-century modern style.

If you’re looking for an update, contact New Life Painting in Santa Maria for help. Our color expert will help you make sense of current trends, keeping your tastes and personality in mind. And we’ll handle all the paint work, from prep to paint to finish. Get a free quote today.

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