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Adding Architectural Interest to Your Santa Maria Home’s Interior

We happen to think that paint it a fantastic way to transform any room of your home. Sometimes you want a little more than a new color to change the feel of your home though. Having decorative molding installed is a great way to add style, dimensional interest, and increase your home’s value.

Molding That Fits Your Home’s Style

One of the most important considerations to make when selecting molding is making sure it fits the style of your home. In a contemporary rancher large, elaborate crown molding will look out of place. If you live in a more contemporary home you can certainly still enjoy more traditional elements like crown molding. You will just need to pick a more restrained style for it to look right.

Thankfully, there are many styles of molding to choose from. Let’s get started exploring some of the great options!

Chair Rails

Transitional Dining Room

One of the easiest moldings to install, chair rails can serve a dual purpose of protecting your dining room walls from dents as chairs are pushed back while adding a beautiful feature. They can be installed on their own or used to cap off beadboard and are a great opportunity to experiment with interesting paint color and finish combinations.


Laurelhurst Bathroon

Who doesn’t love the detail and beauty that wainscoting adds to a room? This type of molding is more typically seen in traditional style homes, but it is actually an incredibly versatile molding. Take away the extra layers of molding and paneling and a simplified version would look perfect in coastal, country, and even contemporary style homes.

Crown Molding

Pacific Heights Home Bedroom

One of the most popular choices when homeowners are adding molding. Crown molding creates an attractive transition from a room’s walls to its ceiling. Just like with wainscoting, you’ll want to be careful to match the intricacy of your crown molding with the architectural style of your home.

Your Next Decorative Molding Project

While it may seem straightforward, installing molding can be a time consuming and tricky project. No home’s walls are perfectly straight and measuring corners to get angled cuts just right is a skill that can only be learned from experience. If you enjoy detailed carpentry projects, then this will be a great one for you. Otherwise, we recommend most homeowners find a skilled, professional carpenter who will get your project completed quickly, with less material waste, and handle all of the details like caulking and sanding that ensure a flawless finish.

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