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New Life “Paints It Forward” for Ezra Lionheart

Hey everyone, Noah Winkles here from New Life Painting. This is going to be our first annual Pain It Forward for Ezra Lionheart. We are doing this in memory of Ezra, my best friend, Eric, and his wife, Sarah who are a part of a program called Angels Foster Care, and they had Ezra for about seven months, and he had passed away a year ago.

So what we’re doing is we’re going to do a Paint It Forward in his memory. We worked with Angels to get Cindy and Wally Hernandez and we’re going to be painting their house today. We chose them just because they have worked with Angels for about six years. They’ve had 15 kids through their house in the foster program and so we’re super thankful, and really happy to work with them and paint their house. 

For colors, we’re going to go from this sand color and the green fascia, and we’re going to go to a bare color which is called perfect taupe. It’s kind of a silver taupe color that’s going to be for the stucco, and then it’s “Starless Night” is going to be for the fascia, which is kind of a dark navy blue. And then the black is Black Bordeaux, and that’s going to be going around for the doors and for some of the trim. So those are going to be the three colors we are going to use.

I want to thank Kelly-Moore Paints and Lalo at Kelly-Moore for donating about 25 gallons to repaint this home. We want to just say thank you for that.  

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