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What Should You Consider When Choosing a New Interior Paint Color?

Choosing new paint colors for any room of your home can be scary for some homeowners. Whether you find it scary or exciting, or maybe a little bit of both, finding the best interior paint color is a great way to transform any room.

At New Life Painting, we understand some people’s hesitations when choosing interior paint colors. It seems like there are more choices than ever these days, and it could be overwhelming to get started. But we also know that changing up your wall paint is one of the least expensive ways to dramatically change the look of your room and your home.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at interior paint colors for your home:

Consider the Mood and Use of the Room
If you’re painting your master bedroom, think about how you want to feel when you are in that room. If you want a peaceful and restful space in order to fall asleep quickly, consider soft, cool colors and neutrals when painting and decorating. For a kid’s playroom, you may be more willing to go with a brighter, more playful color. If you don’t want strong colors all over the room, consider painting just one accent wall a bold color with the other walls a coordinating color.

Decorate the Room First
Selecting furniture, fabrics, and rugs is a pretty big undertaking. Finalize your other interior decorating before choosing your paint colors. That way you can easily play off the fabrics and furniture already in the room. If your home is already decorated to your satisfaction and all you want to change is the wall paint, then take some time to look at the colors in the room. This will give you an idea of the types of colors you are already drawn to and will also help you narrow down your color choices.

Consider the Lighting
Take note of where you have the most natural light. If you have a room with large windows, your paint color will look different in that light than it would in a paint store with fluorescent lighting. If your room is rather dark or small, you may want to consider a lighter color pallette in order to brighten up the room or make it look larger.

Test it out
No matter how confident you are about your color choice, don’t paint your whole room without trying out the color first. Buying paint samples to try out a few colors will save you time and money in the long run. Paint a small patch on a few walls in order to see how the color reacts to different light at different times of day.

We know there is so much to consider when choosing your paint colors as well as your painting company. Let our Color Consultants at New Life Painting help you transform any room in your home.

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