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What You Should Consider When Choosing a New Exterior Paint Color


Look Around You – Take a Neighborhood Tour

Choosing the paint color for your home’s exterior is not as daunting as it may seem. You can choose a color that not only complements the architectural style of your house but also transitions well with your interior decorating. To begin the process, however, first take a tour of your neighborhood. Take your dog a walk or ride around in your car.

Be Conservative in Your Approach

While you want the color of your home’s exterior to stand out, you don’t want it to look ridiculous. For instance, if you live in a basically conservative neighborhood, you don’t want to showcase your exterior with such tints as purple or pink. Make sure you choose a uniform color that won’t cause any undue notice or clash with the outside environment.

The Paint Color You Choose Should Coordinate Well with the Color of Your Roof

Next, look at the permanent exterior of your home – the concrete, clad windows and roof. You want the exterior hues to look well with the color of the roof. A roof is an expensive installation. Therefore, make sure the exterior paint color complements the shingle color.

Make Sure You Pick a Transitional Color

You also want to consider the colors of your interior and make sure they contrast nicely with the exterior. For example, if the inside décor is gray, you do not want the exterior to be gray as well. Make sure you can make an easy transition from the inside to the outside – one that is as complimentary as it is appealing.

Obtain a Couple Samples

Next, you need to consider your home’s architectural style. Is it a contemporary, Victorian or Southwest design? Head on down to the local paint retailer and see what color palettes they recommend for certain home styles. While you are at the paint store too, obtain a sample of paint that you can paint on a small portion of your exterior. See how the painted spot looks in varying lights. It is much easier to test a color this way than to have to repaint the house because your skipped this step.

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