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Choosing Paint Colors for Children’s Rooms

Choosing paint colors for any room in your home can take some time and energy, as well as a lot of paint swatches. But when you want to please the tiniest people in your home, your children, the task can seem daunting. Children can have strong opinions, from what they wear to what they eat, even the color of their rooms.

Parents, here are a few tips from us at New Life Painting to help you and your little ones decide on the best bedroom colors:

Include Your Child in the Choice
Once your child is old enough to express opinions, it can be really fun to include him or her in the choice of wall paint. Just be careful not to let your child take over the project! Some children will certainly have bold tastes that may be a bit too much, but take their likes and dislikes into consideration when painting and decorating their rooms. As children get older, they spend more time in their bedrooms. It is a space for them not only to sleep, but also to play and to study. The room should reflect them in some way. Thumb through some children’s furniture catalogs like Pottery Barn Kids or Land of Nod and let your child point out interior painting ideas.

Go for Subtle Paint Colors with Bold Accents
Not only will your children have strong opinions, but their tastes can change on a dime. If this sounds familiar, choose more subtle paint colors for the walls and use bold colors as accents. Accent walls can be changed more frequently since they are typically only one wall per room, or at least smaller portions of rooms. Try out some paint swatches to find just the right one, then use that accent color in other places in the room, such as bedding or lamps.

Think about the Future
Keep in mind that this bedroom will probably be your child’s room for quite some time. He or she may be in this room from toddlerhood through the teenage years. Choosing more neutral paint colors will help them transition each year. An accent wall with a bold paint color or even a themed mural will allow for simple paint jobs in the future during each life stage.

When you are ready to discuss room painting ideas, give us a call at New Life Painting and we can help guide you through the process.

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