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Choosing Paint Colors for Garage Doors

Garage doors can be a touchy subject. While some people want their garage doors to simply blend in with the home and go unnoticed, others may want their garage doors to add to the architectural design. New paint colors can be the best way to get the look you want out of your garage doors.

Whether your garage doors will be a focal point or a seamless addition, choosing the right exterior paint colors for your paint job is key.

Blending In

If you want your garage doors to blend into the rest of your home, or rather than stand out, painting your garage doors the same color as your home will help them to blend in while also making your home look larger. Paint the trim around your garage doors the color of the trim around your whole home or the color of the garage doors. This choice will depend on the style of trim you have as well as the color of the trim on the rest of your home. If your home is not painted but is natural brick, choose a color that blends well with your brick. This may even mean choosing a darker paint color.

Remember that exterior paint often needs to draw from nature. Choosing a darker color that complements your brick will allow your garage doors to blend in well with your home and your natural surroundings. Choosing this type of color may be a little more difficult, but that is why we have color consultants on hand at New Life Painting.

Standing Out

Many garage doors, especially on newer homes, are part of the architectural details. Choosing a paint color that matches your shutters and trim around your home will allow your garage doors to be more of a focal point.

Adding on more features, such as windows and hardware, will increase the value of your home while boosting the aesthetic of the doors. Painting the doors a contrasting color to your home will allow them to stand out a bit more. For example, if your home is a dark gray, painting the garage doors in a creamy white will make them stand out a bit more. This will look best if your shutters and trim are cream colored as well.

No matter which style works best for your Lompoc, CA home, New Life Painting and our professional painters are ready to help with your Central Coast, CA home’s exterior or interior paint job.

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