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Choosing Paint Colors for Your Mood

Here’s a quick look at how paint colors can evoke certain moods or emotions:

There’s a reason that so many of us are drawn to different shades of green: greens are found abundantly in nature. If you are someone who enjoys spending time outdoors, green paint is a great way to bring that same feeling of tranquility and peace into your home. Green also works in almost any room in your house. Painting your living room green creates a space where people can feel relaxed and welcomed. A green kitchen can inspire cooking from the garden. A green dining room will create an atmosphere where your family and guests will feel comfortable dining and staying awhile.

Whether you prefer a crisp and airy celery green, a bright lime green, or a traditional dark emerald green, you really can’t go wrong with this color.

Sticking with the theme of bringing nature indoors, brown paint gives a cozy feel to a room. Consider using brown paint in a room where you want people to sit, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Pairing brown with cream trim and brighter colors such as aqua really produces the essence of the outdoors.

Choosing the perfect shade of blue will make any room serene. For a master bathroom that should mimic a spa, choose an ocean blue. For a bathroom reminiscent of the beach, use green accessories in combination with blue. The right shade of blue in your bedroom is said to aid in falling asleep. Choose navy blue or midnight blue for a dramatic bedroom look. Steer clear of blues in rooms where you will need energy, like the kitchen or a home office.

Red is a powerful, stimulating color. Since it will evoke an energetic feeling in most people, use it sparingly and wisely. Red is an excellent choice for an accent wall. If you are ready to take the plunge into painting an entire room red, go for it! A red living room is a great choice, especially if you love hosting. Red will make people want to start great conversations and will create the energy needed for a fun party. Avoid red in places like the bedroom, as it can be too much when you are trying to wind down for the day.

Always try out your colors in a room before deciding. Different shades of each color can bring about different feelings. New Life Painting has the experts to help you choose the best colors and the professional painters to get the job done. Contact us at New Life Painting for your free estimate today.

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