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Easy Exterior Updates to Boost Your Santa Maria Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you’re selling your house or not, curb appeal is important. The outside appearance of your home says a lot about what to expect inside. What kind of message are you portraying about yourself and your home? Use these tips to quickly and easily update the exterior of your Santa Maria home.

Paint Your Front Door 




Everyone who comes to your home is going to walk through your front door. If the paint is chipped or faded, your home looks worn and uncared for. A fresh coat of paint on your front door will spiff up your home and brighten its appearance.

Pressure Wash Your House 

Over time, your home can get a little dingy from the dirt that assaults it throughout the year. Use a pressure washer to clean off all the dirt, grime, and mildew to reveal a sparkling exterior. Before you begin, make sure you know if the materials on your house are safe to be pressure washed.

Paint Your Trim or Shutters



Paint adds a layer of protection against the weather in your area. And when your trim and shutters get a fresh coat of paint, they look polished and stylish.

Install a New Mailbox

A mailbox is a tiny thing in comparison to your house, but it’s an accessory that makes a difference. If it’s in bad shape, it reflects poorly on your house. Install a new one for a clean, polished look.

Update Your Railing

It doesn’t matter how fresh your house’s paint job is or how well-maintained you keep your lawn. If you have cracked and peeling paint on your wrought iron railing, your Santa Maria house is going to look shabby. It only takes a day to sand and repaint your railing, giving your home a fresh, inviting, polished, put-together look.

Install New Numbers



How easy is it for someone to spot your house if they’ve never been there before? If you have rusty or faded house numbers, chances are that it’s a pretty difficult task to find your home. Plus, those numbers reflect poorly on your upkeep and care of your home. Purchase updated numbers and spend a few minutes swapping out the old.

New Light Fixtures

Outdated light fixtures have a surprisingly large impact on the appearance of your home, making it look less attractive. Swap out the old for new, stylish fixtures. If you have a simple mounting system, the swap should be easy. But if you have tricky wiring, hire an electrician to make the swap for you.

Plant a Tree

A new tree can breathe new life into your property, providing shade, soothing green, and relaxing beauty. Make sure you think about how big the tree will grow before you plant it.

You’ll be amazed at how spending half of a Saturday on one or two of the above projects will improve the overall appearance of the exterior of your home. If you need help with painting or pressure washing, give New Life Painting in Santa Maria a call at (805) 937-9836, or contact us online for a free quote.

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