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Graphic Wall Paint: The Newest Trend in Interior Painting Ideas

You may think that interior painting ideas consist of, well, simply painting walls. But there can be much more to it than just basic painting. The newest trend in interior painting is graphic wall paint. Graphic wall paint is a fun way to bring design and movement into a room with interior paint. In the past, we saw more graphic prints on wallpaper rather than paint. However, if you have ever tried removing wallpaper from a room, you will certainly be hesitant to use it in your interior decorating plan.

That is where graphic wall paint comes in. Below are a few tips and ideas from New Life Painting on using graphic wall paint in your Santa Maria, CA home.

Mural style
A mural style graphic art is still a beautiful design trend that works in a few spaces. Children’s rooms are an especially fun place to try out a wall mural. Consider painting a scene in the whole room, using all four walls and possibly even incorporating the design into the ceiling. Your mural can be simple; a landscape that may make the room feel calm, or it can be a whole scene filled with animals or trains.

Accent wall
If you like the idea of just a taste of graphic wall painting, then try this technique out on an accent wall. Choose one wall for graphic art, preferably a wall that anchors furniture, like a bed or couch. Or if you have some blank space in a room that could be turned into a play area or reading nook, graphic wall painting can help to define that space.

Cover every wall
If you’re ready to hop on board with this trend, then choose a room where you think graphic wall paint will work for every wall. Choose paint colors and a design that won’t overpower the space, but will give the room a little feeling of artistic flair. Shapes like triangles, arrows, and lines are choices that can help draw the eye up and make a room feel bigger. The movement created by the graphic paint will add instant style to any room in your home.

More artistic
Maybe you had your heart set on a particular wallpaper, but are hesitant to glue it in your whole room. Graphic wall paint is a great way to recreate this look without the hassle of wallpaper. The best thing about painting, rather than wallpapering, is that you can make the paint design even more unique than any wallpaper could ever be. The colors and design are totally up to you. If you were leaning towards florals, but you were having a hard time finding the perfect color combination, you can create it yourself. Take your artistic liberty and truly make the room your own design.

New Life Painting has professional painters who are ready to take on your interior painting jobs. Contact us today for a free estimate and be sure to check out our interior painting portfolio for some samples of our previous work.

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