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How to Get Greater Productivity in the Workplace – with Color Psychology

Happy employees are hardworking employees. And hardworking employees bring about great results for your bottom line. Creating the right environment can do wonders for your employees’ moods and production levels. And if you operate a storefront, the right environment can motivate your customers to make that purchase.

Learn about color psychology and how you can use it to create the right environment in your office, store, or any other place of business for greater productivity and a better bottom line.


Green encourages broader thinking, as well as creativity. This is a great color for your boardroom and work areas, as it can get those creative juices flowing in the right direction — towards innovation.

At Ease

If you operate a stressful business, chances are your employees and customers could do with a hefty dose of peace and tranquility. Offset the buzz and chaos by painting your work areas blue, which calms and even decreases heart rate (and appetite!). You may even consider creating a quiet work area painted in blues for a relaxing oasis where employees can regroup.

Good Value

People associate the color orange with a good value. Use orange as accents to communicate to your customers that your product or service is not only the right price… but the best solution.

Avoid Anger and Tension

Red may be your favorite color, but it should stay out of the workplace. Red can bring about anger, aggression, and even untidiness. In fact, the bold color can increase heart rate and blood pressure. The workplace is a terrible place for conflict, so keep red out. However, if you have something that needs attention in your workplace, or if the work in your workplace requires physical activity, red may be a good color to use (but only as an accent).

Avoid Sadness

A University of Texas study found that men and women respond differently to some colors. Men experienced feelings of sadness and depression in purple and orange offices. Women experienced those same feelings in beige and white work spaces. 

Improve Efficiency

Trying to keep your employees on task and meeting deadlines? Try calming shades of greens and blues for better focus and efficiency. Blue is a great stabilizing color, while green especially helps people who have to work long hours as it promotes calmness and doesn’t cause eye fatigue. These colors can even help lower heart rates and reduce anxiety.

But be careful with your selections, as darker tones of blue and green can cause feelings of sadness.

Add Innovation

Nurture ideas and creativity with the color yellow. Energetic, optimistic, and happy, yellow helps creative professionals get the bursts of creativity they rely upon. It’s best to use this as an accent color, as too much yellow (and yellow that’s too bright) can actually evoke feelings of anger (and even hunger!).

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