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How to Add Interest to Your Yard with Color

How do you feel in your yard? Do you want to linger longer, even as the sun sets? Or would you rather scurry inside because you can’t stand how drab the space looks? If your curb appeal isn’t so appealing, it’s time for an update. Learn how to make a big impact with color in your outdoor spaces.

Some Tips

Before you begin thinking about the specific ways you’re going to add color to your outdoor space, first think about color design. You want to think of your entire space as a whole and how each element of your yard works together. Don’t think of any one area in isolation; think of how it fits into the grand scheme of your outdoor space. 

Use a guide to help you consider the color wheel when you set out to spruce up your outdoor space. 

Think about the mood you’re trying to achieve. Do you want a loud, fun space where you’ll entertain with plenty of food and music? Are you hoping for a relaxing and quiet oasis where you can retreat after a hard day? Do you want to mix different purposes throughout your yard? Think of how colors will play into the moods you’re trying to create, and how colors can help bridge the gaps between different areas of the yard.

An Accent Wall (or Fence)

You’ve heard of accent walls in homes and businesses. You may even have one or two in your house. They add an extra oomph and layer of interest to any space. But did you ever think about adding one to the exterior of your home? This is the perfect place to go a little bit more bold because the natural light outside softens any hue you choose. This decorative element works well on fences or on sections of walls — especially in your backyard.


Artwork doesn’t just have to be relegated to your interior walls. Find weather-resistant pieces and use them on your patio. If you’re a fan of DIY, find an interesting sculpture, accessory, or other object and paint it with vibrant colors.

Outdoor Furniture

You can really have fun with colorful outdoor furniture. Choose colorful cushions, paint otherwise dreary items in fun colors, and add pops of color with outdoor pillows.

Decorative Tiles

You can really let your creativity run wild with decorative tiles. Create an interesting mural or water feature. Install tiles on your outdoor countertops or use them on outdoor stairs. You won’t be able to look away.

Painted Mural

Have an uninspiring outdoor wall? Perhaps an empty back fence? Paint interesting designs with vivid colors to make the space pop with energy.

Colorful Plants and Flowers

One of the most obvious ways to add color to your outdoor space is through colorful plants and flowers. Create miniature gardens in colorful pots for extra bursts of color that can be moved around to beautify your landscape and satisfy your mood. 

Add flowers to your vegetable garden for both the color they’ll bring — and the pollinators they’ll attract. Some good choices are marigolds, nasturtiums, and petunias.

Some foliage can be very colorful, and they can provide that color year-round.

Professional Painting

If you decide to use paint to add interest and color to your yard, call New Life Painting at (805) 937-9836. Whether you need your entire house painted, or just a wall, we’ll help you beautify your space. Give us a call, or contact us online for a free estimate.

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