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How to Paint Your Pismo Beach Appliances



Your appliances look weathered or outdated, but you don’t have room in the budget to drop thousands on new appliances. If they’re still in good working condition, what can you do to update your kitchen without breaking the bank?

Try painting your appliances. Use these tips to make sure it’s done right.

Use the Right Paint

Not just any paint will do. Why? Your appliances experience extreme fluctuations in temperatures. Make sure you only paint your appliances with heat-resistant finishes. If you’re painting an appliance that doesn’t get hot, like your refrigerator, you can opt for semi-gloss. Spray paints tend to work best for appliances.

Chalkboard paint is also a good option for refrigerators (and doubles as a list-making spot in your kitchen!).

If you’re going with a non-standard appliance color (Teal! Yellow! Red!), you can use regular spray paint with an application of clear enamel gloss protective spray. 

Prep Work

When painting anything, always make sure you prep appropriately. In appliance painting, clean, clean clean! Your appliances may have grime and dirt on them, and that needs to be completely removed before you can even think of applying paint. Any residue that isn’t removed will give you a sloppy paint job, with paint that doesn’t adhere to the appliance. Ammonia can clean grease and oil from your appliances, but make sure the room is well ventilated if you use it.

Make sure you also cover or remove hardware or handles before you begin painting. If they need to be painted, you’ll do that separately.

Rough It Up

After you’ve cleaned your appliance, rough up the surface a bit. This helps the paint to bond to the surface. A piece of steel wool will do the trick. Just rub it across the surface in a circular motion. Once done, use a damp cloth to wipe away all the dust so that you’ll have a clean surface for painting.


Be sure to unplug your appliance before you begin painting.

With spray, you can apply light, consistent coats. Wait 15 minutes before applying an additional coat. Plan to do at least three or four coats. Keep the appliance out for 24 hours so it can dry completely before you put it back in place.

Using a brush or roller? Go slow with even strokes. Don’t worry about paint bubbling up. It will likely even itself out.

Covering Up Blemishes

Maybe you don’t need to do a complete appliance overhaul. Maybe you only need to cover up a nick, blemish, or discoloration on an appliance. In that case, use appliance epoxy paint. This self-priming paint comes in both brush and spray options, and it’s found in all standard appliance colors.

At New Life Painting in Pismo Beach, we obviously love the transformative power of paint, and we’re thrilled at how it can make old things new again. If you need help painting your appliances, planning color schemes for your kitchen, or updating any other room in your home, give us a call at (805) 937-9836, or contact us online.

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