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Which Paint Color Is Best for Your Master Bedroom?

Your master bedroom is your personal space. It should be painted in colors that reflect your own personality, not somebody else’s. No matter how beautiful a certain color looks in a magazine, if you don’t like it or feel at ease around it, you shouldn’t be using it in your master bedroom. This is the most intimate, private room in your home, and its colors should be a reflection of what you enjoy – and what sets you at ease.

Think about the mood you’d like to set in your master bedroom. Most people want that room to be a relaxing oasis; a retreat from the world and its responsibilities. You may want an energizing or sophisticated room. Color can help you achieve whatever mood you want.

Black and White

The black and white combination works well from everything to fashion to bathrooms and kitchens to bedroom color schemes. It’s classic, and people are drawn to it. It’s simple and soothing for a space where sleep and relaxation should be happening.


While not a popular choice, purple color schemes in the master bedroom appeal to some people. Lavender can be soothing, while dark purples can be unexpected and invigorating. Associated with royalty, purple can work well in the master bedroom as it can feel luxurious and sophisticated.


Nature, relaxation, and fresh. That’s what green conjures up. And because it has elements of both warm and cool, it’s a versatile choice for your master bedroom. It goes well with natural elements like wooden furniture and bamboo floors. And you can go contemporary or traditional, depending on the tints you choose.


This is a stimulating color, so too much can be… well, too much. Red in high doses can overpower your sense and become overwhelming. It’s actually been found to increase blood pressure. Limit yourself to one wall that is broken up by windows or your headboard. Or choose a muted tint. Paired with the right furniture to balance out the intensity, red can be just right for you.


This can also be overwhelming if it’s too bright. Studies have found that people have more arguments in yellow rooms, so beware when you go with this color. Stick to softer, relaxing shades. However, if you have a sunny disposition, and thrive in yellow environments, go with what feels right.


In an analysis, Zillow found that blue bedroom walls lead to a higher price fetched on a home sale. That must mean this color is a universally-loved color for the master bedroom. Cool blues are soothing for the restful room, while dark blues can help highlight your antique furniture. Blue also visually opens up a space, so it’s a great choice if you have a small master bedroom.


Gray may make you think of sad days, but when done right, gray is anything but dreary or depressing. Because gray often looks soft, it can actually be quite calming. It also gives off a modern, sophisticated look.

At New Life Painting, our expert color consultant can help you pick out exactly the right color scheme for your master bedroom. Give us a call at (805) 937-9836, or contact us online for a painting estimate.

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