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Paint Tricks for Small Rooms



Small spaces in a home have a tendency to feel cramped and uninviting. But smart paint and design tricks can open up the small room in your home to create a welcoming space where you’ll love to spend your time. Read on for paint tricks for small rooms.

Paint a Focal Wall

Not all designers are in love with the accent wall, a wall that you choose to paint a darker color than the rest of the walls in the room. But when you’re trying to open up a space, a darker color on one wall can make the wall appear as if it’s receding. This tricks the eye into thinking the space is larger.

Use Sharp Colors

Choosing a sharp color palette, as opposed to dull colors, can make a room appear larger. You can do this with paint, but also with your furniture and accent pieces. Just make sure to leave space between sharp colors.

Connect Spaces with Color

Different shades of the same color used throughout a small room or small home can tie everything together and give it a larger appearance. Start by painting adjoining rooms the same color to keep the eye moving from room to room. Then add pillows, lampshades, artwork, and more with different shades of the same color throughout the spaces. This both connects and keeps you looking around the room, giving a sense of more space.

Choose Light Colors



Light colors are more reflective, which gives a space an open and airy feel. They also take advantage of whatever natural light you have in your space, allowing it to bounce around the room. Because they’re gentle on the eye, light colors allow the eye to travel continuously around the room.

Instead of using a color change, keep the same color around the room so the eye can keep moving. When you change colors, the eye stops — and the space becomes visually smaller. Keeping one continuous light color keeps the eye moving. Tones of off-white, blue, and green are always great choices for visually expanding a room.

Paint the Ceiling



Painting the ceiling a light color will make it seem higher than it is, while also giving an airy feel to the room. This makes a cramped space seem larger and more inviting. 

Let the Light in

While not a paint trick, this tip is crucial for expanding a small space. Natural light always makes a room appear larger, so make sure you let as much of it in as possible. Don’t have much natural light? Invest in some stylish light fixtures.

Clear the Clutter

No matter what design elements you choose to enlarge your small space, getting rid of clutter is paramount. Clutter is distracting and encroaching. It makes even large spaces seem small. If you’re already starting with a small space, you’ll want to keep things off the floors, couches, and other surfaces. Clearing the clutter will make an instant enlarging difference.

At New Life Painting, we’ll help you see the potential in your small space. When you hire us to paint your home, you get access to a color consultant who can help you make smart color decisions you’ll love. Give us a call at (805) 937-9836 or contact us online for a quote.


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