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Refresh Your Curb Appeal with Exterior Paint Projects

Now that spring is here, it’s time to switch your focus from interior design ideas to exterior paint ideas. While you may still spend the majority of your time inside your home, longer days with more sunlight really call for some refreshing to the outside of your home.

Whether you want to totally revamp your exterior and add major curb appeal or you’re in need of just a few small exterior paint projects, New Life Painting has some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Here is a little inspiration for your next project on your Santa Maria, CA home:

Step outside and take a long look at your home.
See where you may need some fresh paint and even some new greenery. Take a walk around your neighborhood and make mental notes of the features that you are drawn to on other people’s homes. Do you love a bright shutter color or are you more drawn to neutrals? Does your neighbor’s cherry red front door make you green with envy, or does it make you want to take a paintbrush to it and tone it down a little? Find what you love, then adapt it to your exterior.

Start small.
Start by painting the trim all around your home. It may be that you can stick to the same paint color that is already on your trim and it’s just time for a new coat of paint. You can also try out a new paint color that complements your exterior color.

Next, consider painting your shutters to match your trim. Painting these two exterior features the same color can really tie your whole exterior together.

Add a pop of color.
If you love that cherry red door on your neighbor’s house, find the paint color that adds a dose of fun to your home and paint your front door. Try out a few colors first. While red may be your favorite, you may find another hue that looks best with your current exterior colors. Apple green, yellow, and bright blue are just a few fun ideas to try. If you want your front door to stand out and make a statement, the paint color choices are endless.

Go big.
If you have walked around your home and your neighborhood and are left feeling like your house is the most boring one on the block, it may be time for a whole new exterior paint color scheme. Start by choosing the main color for your home’s exterior. You can then choose complementary colors for the shutters, trim, and front door. Adding new house numbers and a few new plants near the front entrance will make a big statement. Pretty soon, your home will be the one that your neighbors use for inspiration!

Our color consultants at New Life Painting are ready to help you make these big and small paint color decisions. Contact us for a free estimate and get started on your next painting project today.

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