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Selling Your Lompoc Home? Learn the Paint Colors You Should Use

When someone is thinking of buying your Lompoc home, they have to be able to envision themselves (and their furniture) in the space. Your home will have a better chance of selling if you get YOU out of the way. That means painting over your fuchsia kitchen walls with something a bit more universal. Find out what you should be thinking of when painting your Lompoc home for resale.

freshly painted house exterior


A home with signs of wear on the exterior isn’t going to sell as quickly or for as much as you’d hope. Remember that the exterior gives a preview to what someone will be met with on the interior. Your potential home buyers will make a judgment on your home before they even step inside, and that will color their feelings about what they find on the interior.

Look to the rest of the neighborhood when choosing your paint color. You want your home to stand out as a desirable home, but you don’t want it to stand out because it’s so different from everything around it.

White goes with all neighborhoods. Greige is a beautiful neutral that suits most houses. Gray and blue (in the right shade) can also look stunning, yet neutral for any home buyer, on an exterior.

freshly painted home interior


Think neutral inside. Colors that are specific to certain styles or tastes will not have a universal appeal, and your home will likely sit on the market for a long time if you veer from neutral. Remember: you want your home to be a blank canvas for potential home buyers to picture themselves there.

When you hear neutral, you might think beige. And beige colors are, indeed, neutral. But they aren’t always the best color for your home because people are leaning more towards cool colors lately. Instead, gray does a great job of highlighting the beautiful features of your home, opening up the space and making it feel appealing. 

Taupe works well in the interior, too, because you can add different undertones to add to its richness.

White is always a safe neutral, but make sure you don’t go too stark. Choose a white with cool undertones, avoiding yellow undertones, to make the space modern and welcoming.

How to Make the Most of Your Paint

No matter what paint palette you choose, you need to apply it properly if it’s going to make the right impression.

  • Always choose quality paint. It will cost more, but its coverage will be more thorough and you won’t need as many coats. Plus, it will look beautiful and professional.
  • Use samples instead of paint chips. Paint chips give you a good start, but they aren’t big enough to give you the best effect, and the paint may end up looking slightly different once on the wall. Testing by painting samples directly on the wall will help you be sure you’re making the right decision.
  • Use professional techniques. Your potential home buyers are going to be turned off by shoddy work. Drips, uneven coverage, and mistakes look like your home is uncared for. If you’re a painting novice, it might be worth it to invest in a professional paint company who will leave your home looking move-in ready.

New Life Painting can help you select the right color palette for your house style and neighborhood, and leave your home looking beautiful and professionally handled. Give us a call at (805) 937-9836, or contact us online for an estimate.

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