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Should I Paint My Walls or Trim First?

Are you thinking about tackling an interior painting project? If so, you might find yourself running into quite a few different questions. There are, after all, a lot of factors to consider!

Here’s one that often leaves homeowners scratching their head: should you paint the walls or the trim first?

Interior painting is a process, and it’s important to move in a systematic way that maximizes both efficiency and the quality of the outcome. With that said, let’s dive into the answer to this important painting question.

While there are folks who prefer their own, specific painting sequence, it is most common to paint the trim first. Why? Because many homeowners who use tape for cutting in find it easier to mask off the trim than the walls. And, as an added benefit, when you paint the trim first you don’t need to worry about any extra paint being brushed up on the wall (it will be painted over later!). You can focus instead on applying a smooth, even finish.

Which Do We Do First?

As a general rule, we start with the trim. We choose to do it this way because we often use a sprayer to achieve a perfectly smooth finish, and then roll the walls after. This is our system and it works well!

In all honesty, the key is to do what works the best for you. Trim first or walls first, the universal goal is to have a finished product that looks fantastic.

Do You Need a Central Valley Painting Company?

The New Life Painting team would love to help! Please feel free to get to know us a little better by browsing our services, and then don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your project goals.

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