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Should You Paint Before or After You Move in?

Moving into a new house? You have plenty of tasks to occupy your time: packing, shopping, planning, organizing, filling out paperwork, changing your address with your bank, and so much more. So should you paint the walls now? Or wait until the dust has settled? Read on to determine what would make the most sense in your situation.

Pros of Painting Before You Move in

Painting before you move in works for some people. In fact, for some personalities and situations, it’s downright ideal.

We already pointed out several of the tasks you’ll be dealing with. For some personalities, it may make more sense to just add painting to the list. You’re already in go-go-go mode, so you may as well get everything done while you have the energy.

Plus, imagine how much easier it will be to paint when you don’t have any furniture in the way. You won’t have to move heavy pianos, find a place for your couches to sit while the paint dries, or worry about drips getting onto your coffee table. And you can paint the insides of closets without worrying about where to put the clothes in the meantime.

You’ll also be able to paint in record time when you don’t have to first take the time to move furniture, clutter, and decorations out of the way.

And how about that paint smell? If you wait to paint until after you’ve moved in, you’ll be living in a home that could give you a headache.

In addition, moving into a house that’s completely ready for you is a huge relief. It allows you the time to unpack at your own pace, without worrying about several projects looming over your head. 

Waiting until after you move in may also push the project back longer than you’d like. Let’s face it: we get lazy and comfortable with our surroundings. Even when you want a change, you may not be able to find the motivation to make it once you’ve moved in.

Pros of Painting After You Move in

Other situations and personalities will be better suited to painting after you’re already living in the house.

If you paint before your furniture and artwork is in the home, you won’t necessarily know how well your paint color will work with your decor. With so many paint tints and shades of every color in the rainbow, you may choose a shade that simply doesn’t work with your decorations.

In fact, Judith Taylor, Toronto designer, says painting before moving in is one of the biggest mistakes people make. “You want the color that best complements your upholstery, artwork, rug, and whatever else. You can pick that color only if your stuff is actually inside your home.”

You’ve heard that when you’re choosing a color, you should paint a section of your wall and live with it for a few days so you can see how it looks in different lights. Waiting to paint until after you’ve moved in gives you the time to do this. You’ll feel confident in your color choice.

Whatever decision you make, do the job right. A beautiful paint job will set the perfect canvas for a beautiful room. At New Life Painting, we’re equipped to paint your home whether you’ve already moved in or not. Give us a call at 805-937-9836, or request a free estimate online.

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