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The Most Popular Interior Paint Colors for Your Home

Although you may not want to choose your entire home’s paint color scheme based on a popularity contest, knowing the colors chosen most often by designers and homeowners this year may help spur inspiration.

Home decorating ideas, from trendy to classic, will continue to change each year, as will popular paint colors. Knowing your interior decorating style is key to helping you choose the right paint colors for your home. You may want bold colors in every room, all neutrals, or a great combination of both throughout your home. No matter your style, here are some of the most popular colors to choose from in order to help get your creative juices flowing:

Gray is the new white. In the past, someone who preferred neutrals or little-to-no color would choose white paint. But now there is an amazing variety of gray. There are grays that are truly almost white, but with just a little more depth and warmth than a true white. On the other end of the spectrum are deep charcoal grays that add striking beauty to an office. From blue-grays to green-grays and everything in between, gray is the most popular neutral.

Another solid option is blue. Like gray, blue home paint colors can vary widely from pale blues that may be perfect for a nursery or entryway to navy blues for a den with high ceilings and white trim. Choosing just the right blue can be as difficult as choosing the right gray. Blue undertones will make a big difference, as will the lighting in your room.

For another more neutral color, beiges are here to stay. Just like gray, they are a go-to color for someone who just wants a hint of color without overwhelming the space. While you may not find as much variation in beige colors as you will in grays and blues, there is still a range from which to choose. A pale beige could have peachy undertones, while a darker hue may have more hints of brown. Either way, beige is sure to warm up a room and complement your furnishings and decor. If you’re torn between Gray and Beige you can always opt for a greige paint color.

No matter which color family you choose for your next interior paint project, remember to try samples and view the colors during different times of day and light. In addition to color choice, you will also have to choose a paint sheen.

Our color experts at New Life Painting are ready to give you a free color consultation with any signed contract. When your home in Morro Bay, CA or any Central Coast, CA area is ready for a fresh coat of paint, let us guide you in choosing the best colors and let our professional painters finish the job.

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