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Top 5 Tips for Your Professional Exterior Painting Project

Exterior house painting projects are a big deal. While the interior of your home is only seen by friends that you invite in, the outside of your home can be seen by anybody and everybody. You want it to have impressive curb appeal. Nobody wants to be “that house” on a street of well manicured lawns and beautifully painted exteriors.

House painting, whether interior or exterior, takes some prep work. Once you have taken the time to choose the perfect paint color, you will want to make sure your project goes smoothly. A professional painting company like New Life Painting will follow these, and other steps, to make sure that your exterior painting job is done in a timely and professional manner with beautiful results.

Clean: Even if the outside of your home looks clean to you, a professional will know to take the time to pressure wash the surfaces that you will be painting. Painting over a dirty surface will leave the exterior of your home looking rough and dirty. The house will need to fully dry for a day or two before painting.

Prep other surfaces: If your painting team is painting wood trim or an area that has been painted before, these surfaces will need to be prepped for the job. A good painting company will scrape away any loose or flaky paint from these surfaces and sand down these areas to be sure that your new paint color will go on smoothly.

Watch the weather: Weather can be slightly unpredictable in most places, including Santa Ynez, Pismo Beach, and other Central Coast cities. If latex paint is involved in your painting project, weather that is too cold or too hot can keep the paint from adhering to your surface or compromise its durability. Moisture from rain or even heavy dew can negatively affect an exterior paint job, so a few good days of weather and your professional painters can get to work.

Use a primer: Using a primer may feel like a useless step, but it will help prepare the surface for the paint color that you have chosen. It will create a smoother paint job and may allow your painters to avoid having to use more than two coats of your paint color.

Choose the right color: Obvious, right? But choosing the right exterior paint color is a big job. Like we said before, anybody can see the outside of your home, so you want it to say the right things about you. Drive around your neighborhood and see which home colors you are drawn to. Buy some samples and try them out on the outside of your home and look at them at different times of day to see how the light changes the colors. New Life Painting offers a painting consultation with a color professional. A professional opinion can go a long way when choosing your exterior paint color.

When you are ready to get started on your project and want to find the best house painter around, contact us at New Life Painting.

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