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What Color Should I Paint My Baby’s Nursery?

The moment you found out you would soon have a new baby, your brain went into overdrive with decisions to make. What will you name your baby? How will you feed your baby? Will you use cloth or disposable diapers? Daycare or a parent at home?

And then there’s the matter of the nursery. Of course, this is the fun part of baby prep — deciding how to decorate or remodel — but there’s plenty to consider in the nursery colors as well. Color psychology teaches us that color affects mood, behavior, and even health. And when you know your baby is going to be spending countless hours in the nursery during the formative years (not to mention the many sleepless nights you’ll be pacing the nursery floor and the countless mornings you’ll be greeting the day in the nursery), it’s a good idea to take some of the psychological effects of color into consideration.




There’s good news and bad news. Red has been shown in some studies to increase athletic ability. It’s also energizing. But it can increase aggression, cause headaches, and make focusing harder to do. It’s a good idea to avoid red across all the walls, but some red accents throughout a nursery often work really well.




Orange is warm and comforting and can put some people at ease. It’s also friendly and social, which can inspire communication. However, it can be over-stimulating and can even make you hungry. Like red, orange is best used in smaller doses in a nursery.




Yellow is cheerful and happy. Bright yellows are sunny and energizing, but can be agitating to a baby. Softer yellows encourage concentration and can be a nice balancing color. Like red and orange, yellow is a good nursery color when used in moderation.




Soothing. Calming. Health. Green creates a serene environment where thinking and concentration are promoted. It’s found everywhere in nature, and lends itself well to decorating all types of rooms, including nurseries. In a nursery, it’s a great color to use as your main color, or to use to soften some of the more-energizing colors like yellow.




In general, blue is calming. It has been found to lower blood pressure and heart rate while decreasing feelings of aggression and even anxiety. Blue helps with sleep and with calming tantrums.

But you need to be careful with the shade you select. A blue with gray can feel sad while a bright royal blue can be too overwhelming.




Purple can bring in reds or blues, depending on its shade. It takes on similar emotions as either red or blue — whichever it carries more of. Purple works well with rich fabrics. Pastel purples are calming.




Pink is most often associated by adults with femininity. It also evokes empathy and can be calming and soothing. Take caution not to overdo it, however, as pink can become irritating over time.




Gray promotes thought, introspection, and emotion, but often reminds of sadness and loneliness. Use a warm tone mixed with brighter colors for a baby’s nursery.

Ultimately, your own feelings about your baby’s nursery should be heeded. What colors make you feel happy, calm, and connected when you think of your baby? Chances are, your instincts are spot on.

If you need help getting your nursery ready before the baby comes, contact New Life Painting for a free quote. We’ll help you select the perfect color to welcome your little one home.

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