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What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets?

Are you ready to give your kitchen cabinets a refresh with a new coat of paint? Working with your existing cabinets is a smart, affordable way to transform the look of your kitchen, but with so many fantastic color possibilities we know settling on the perfect paint color can be a challenge. That’s why we rounded up this collection of cabinet colors that are perfect for just about any space.

White Painted Cabinets

Kitchen Remodels

Chances are this is the first color you considered once you decided to paint your cabinets. White painted kitchen cabinets are a classic choice for good reason. No only do they keep your kitchen feeling bright and clean, but white cabinets coordinate well with almost any wall color and are easy to pair with a variety of countertops.

The only drawback to white cabinets? Smudges and food drips show up easily. If keeping them looking perfect is a concern and you’d rather not chase after every little spill, you might be better off with a different cabinet color.

Black Painted Cabinets

Eclectic Kitchen

Almost as popular as white, black painted cabinets give a sophisticated look to any kitchen. Metal hardware in brush nickel, stainless steel, or brass all contrast beautifully with black, and black cabinets are much more forgiving when it comes to spills. If you like this color but are concerned about black cabinets making your kitchen look dark, opt for a semi- or high-gloss finish. Plenty of lighting will also help keep your kitchen feeling bright and reflect off that beautiful glossy finish.

Gray Painted Cabinets

Nebo Circle at Summit Creek

This is a newer trend in cabinets but one we think is here to stay. Medium to dark gray cabinets are a fresh twist on more traditional black painted cabinets. Or you can pick a lighter shade of gray that will have all of the bright and airy benefits of white painted cabinets, plus the advantage of hiding spills a little more.

Blue Painted Cabinets

Old Rectory

If you’re looking to bring a little more color to your kitchen, bold blue painted cabinets are a stylish option. Whether you prefer a rich, navy or a cheerful robin’s egg blue, kitchen cabinets painted blue are an unexpected departure from the standard black or white.

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whatever color you choose for your cabinets you will want a paint job that stands up to the wear and tear every kitchen experiences. Good surface preparation prior to painting is a crucial first step for the best possible paint adhesion.

Want a painted finish for your cabinets that looks fantastic and is hassle-free? Let our team of professional painters handle your kitchen cabinet painting for you! Call today to get your free estimate.

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